A Feedback Solution That Fits Your Business.

Whether it’s a mobile or web application. Feedbback is important and will help your team understand their customers, collect bug reports, improvements and create the new features that will set it to the top of its game.

Why Collect Feeedback for Your Product?

  • Boost your conversion rate
  • Get improvements and bug reports
  • Improve your overall user experience
  • Create a relationship with your end-users

Collect User Feedback for Free

Top Feedier Features for Your Application

  • Relation 1-à-1

    Feedier vous permet d'entrer directement en contact avec vos clients via leur e-mail et votre propre CRM.

  • À votre image

    Personalissez le logo, la couleur, l'image de couverture pour obtenir un résultat qui vous ressemble.

  • Widget intégré

    Insérez un widget configurable, beau et discret sur votre site ou votre application web pour encourager les avis.

  • Integrate With Your Tools

    Create a positive feedback loop and plug the feedback campaigns with your existing tools stack. No manual work, and a very agile process.

  • Attrayant

    Bye bye, vieux formulaires. Design beau et animé pour créer la meilleure expérience possible, en ajoutant de la gamification.

  • Groupes de Feedback Carriers

    Créez des groupes de Feedback Carriers (formulaires) privés et publics pour gérer autant de formulaires que vous le souhaitez, dans un espace lisible et organisé.

  • Plus de votes 5 étoiles

    Affichez un bouton de vote 5 étoiles uniquement pour les utilisateurs satisfaits et engagés (Amazon, Booking, Google, Apple Store...).

  • Taggez vos réponses

    Taggez les réponses à partir directement depuis les Feedbacks pour les regrouper par sujet et partagez-les facilement dans un rapport tout-en-un.

  • Gestion de rôles

    Gérez votre équipe à travers différents rôles pour obtenir autant de collaborateurs que nécessaire pour travailler ensemble.

Collect Valuable Feedback at the Right Spot

  • In-app Feedback Widget

    Vertical or horizontal, beautiful and discrete. Engaging & customizable on all the way, that’s the Feedier Engagement widget.

  • Email Campaigns

    Use the Feedier email campaign manager (or API) to push highly targeted Feedback emails to your users. At the right time.

Build Your Own Reward Programs.

Exchange valuable Feedback for a reward that increases your turnover. Simple, fair and effective. Feedier comes with a complete reward manager that will suit you.

  • Offer a Discount on Your Product

    Create a loyalty and a direct lead by exchanging a discount of your choice on your offer in exchange of a valuable Feedback. win-win.

  • Give Away Some Exclusive Content

    Find your fans and give them more. Whether you want to test a new feature, test a release or have a hidden place or plan in your app. Let your users get a chance to win access to it.

  • eGift From Our Partners

    Distribute automatically at your own defined rate eGift such as Amazon market place egifts to your users. All handled by Feedier.

Engage With Your Users.

Get more than data! Feedier knows in real time if your users are happy or not. Depending on that we let you push the right engagement at the right time.

  • Get Your Application More 5-Star Ratings

    Feedier can narrow down your happy users and let you push review requests at the end of the Feedback experience.

  • Grow Your Social Networks

    Whether it's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube… Feedier nicely ask your happy customers to follow you & spread the word.

  • Collect Testimonials From Happy Users

    Let your website send you authentic testimonials that you can re-use on your landing or on your social network to build trust.

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