A Feedback Solution That Fits Your Team.

Team of all sizes need Feedback, in and out. It helps performances but mostly your team’s engagement and happyness in their daily life. Feedier helps your managers collect Feedback on a recurrent basis, on the hiriging process and at the end of the contract.

Why Collect Feeedback From Your Team?

  • Boost your turnover
  • Lower your staff turnover
  • Hire more easily with better ratings
  • Create a transparent Feedback mindset

Collect Employee Feedback for Free

Top Feedier Features for Your HR Department

  • Rapport individuel

    Un rapport complet est construit pour tous les commentaires afin que vous puissiez comprendre tout client en un clic.

  • Relation 1-à-1

    Feedier vous permet d'entrer directement en contact avec vos clients via leur e-mail et votre propre CRM.

  • À votre image

    Personalissez le logo, la couleur, l'image de couverture pour obtenir un résultat qui vous ressemble.

  • Filtre de satisfaction

    Affichez les questions pertinentes aux bons utilisateurs en fonction de leur satisfaction, Feedier s'en occupe.

  • Champs personnalisés

    Identifiez tous les Feedbacks que vous recevez en transmettant des informations personnelles (nom, numéro de bureau, numéro client..) pour utiliser Feedier en tant que relais de données.

  • Nouveaux témoignages

    Feedier détecte les utilisateurs heureux et peut leur demander de vous laisser un témoignage complet avec leur e-mail.

  • Gestion de rôles

    Gérez votre équipe à travers différents rôles pour obtenir autant de collaborateurs que nécessaire pour travailler ensemble.

Collect Valuable Feedback at the Right Spot

  • Intranet Feedback Widget

    Vertical or horizontal, beautiful and discret. Engaging & customizable on all the way, that’s the Feedier Engagement widget.

  • Satisfaction Score Widget

    Showcase your global staff satisfaction ratio (Communicate on a strong employee brand) right on your hiring platform to encourage applications

Build Your Own Reward Programs.

Reward your staff from helping your company’s internal growth with their useful Feedback. Win-win. Use the Feedier reward manager to skyrocket your response rate.

  • Custom Coupon

    Give a chance to win a coupon to service of your choice that will please your employee: gym, cinema, bookstore, lasergame…

  • Offer Your Own Product/Service

    Offer a discount on one of your company’s products or services. They’re working on them every single day.

  • eGift From Our Partners

    Distribute automatically at your own defined rate eGift such as Amazon market place egifts to your staff. All handled by Feedier.

Engage With Your Staff.

Get more than data! Feedier knows in real time if your teammates are happy or not. Depending on that we let you push the right engagement at the right time.

  • Get Worthy Glassdoor Reviews

    Use Feedback to collect new reviews for your Glassdoor account in order to attract more candidates for the next job offers.

  • Grow Your Social Networks

    Engage your own staff into following your company’s social networks to hit the top-chart on every new post.

  • Collect Testimonials From Happy Employees

    Get the word out! Feedier helps targeting happy employees and therefore let you ask for nice testimonials that you can showcase on your website.

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